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Vibrational Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks


A Practical Application Manual + DVD
116 pages with expanded color treatment section;
26 min DVD

Manual features:

  • A treatise and exploration on the healing aspects of vibration, sound & music.
  • A Sound Healing system utilizing Ohm Tuning Forks + music in the key of Ohm™.
  • 25 illustrated treatment protocols for Treating Others and Self Treatment.
  • Expanded 8 page color photo section.
  • Featuring Chair Massage protocol & Sport Applications.

DVD demonstrates:

  • Tuning Fork Technique.
  • Pace of Application and Body Mechanics.
  • Tuning Fork Application Methods (for the physical & energetic body).
  • 20 Protocols for Treating Others, including a treatment with singing bowls.


Samantha Jennings, Dr.TCM, R.Ac,
Practitioner and Educator of Oriental Medicine

Nada Milosavljevic MD, JD, Director,
integrative Health Program Massachusetts general Hospital; Instructor, Harvard Medical

Margie Parolisi, PHD,
NCCAOM Certified Practitioner Of Oriental Medicine

Massage Therapy Journal

Zacciah Blackburn, PHD,
Director, Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and International Sound Healing Network

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Professional Set includes two Mid Ohm Tuning Forks (136.1 hz ea), plus detailed instructions, photos and illustrations demonstrating use; Practitioner Activator, 26 minute DVD on Tuning Fork Application, and Sound Healing CD.

Massage, Cranial/Sacral and Polarity Therapists, Spa technicians, Chiropractors, and other professionals will find these vibrational tools can enhance their treatments and help attune the body on a cellular level.

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The Subtle Body™ Set includes two High Frequency Ohm Tuning Forks (272.2 hz + 544.4 hz), latex-free Activator, plus detailed instructions demonstrating use; Introduction to the Feng-Shui of Sound™ and Sound Healing CD.

Recommended for Sound Healing, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch Practitioners, Acupuncturists and others who work in the energetic field around the body.

The earliest known mention of Chakras is found in the Upanishads, which is also true of the seed syllable and sacred mantra Om (Aum, Ohm). Tuning Forks tuned to the vibrational frequency of Om (and octaves of Om) are an excellent choice for Chakra balancing and working in the energy field of the subtle body. Ohm is an ancient tone long associated with the earth.

In the Ohm Therapeutics system, sympathetic resonance with the Earth is paramount to help restore balance, establish homeostasis, and promote healing.

Experience music that harmonizes with Ohm Tuning Forks, enhancing their effectiveness during a treatment.


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New Release: Commemorative Collector's Edition


Box Set features four CDs in the Key of Ohm™, an ancient tuning based on the earth's orbital path around the sun, plus liner notes featuring artist statement and publisher notes about Ohm, from its Vedic roots to its contemporary use as a sound healing frequency.

There's No Place Like Ohm Vols. 1 & 2, (2003, 2005); In the Key of Earth (2007) and Vibrational Healing Music (2009) inspired a generation of composers and healthcare practitioners to explore the healing benefits of a tone associated with the Earth. These influential recordings are Sound Healing classics you'll want to add to your music library.

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Collector's Edition Contents

INTRO SET features CD, Ohm Tuning Fork 136.10 hz,
latex-free Activator, expanded Instructions for use.


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The original Sound Healing intro package is now updated with expanded directions for use, additional photos and illustrations, and includes a latex-free Activator!

Adults, Children and Pets love the playful interaction and good vibrations of the Ohm Tuning fork plus soothing Music and Sounds of the Earth! Tune in to Ohm!

Package Features:

  • An introduction to the stress-relieving properties of the Ohm Tuning Fork plus Music in the key of Ohm™!
  • Easy instructions for use accompany CD with printed insert illustrating treatment applications suitable for the entire family, even pets!
  • Information about the Ohm frequency and why this soothing earth tone is so effective for relieving stress and bringing balance

Instructions illustrate:

  • How to hold and how to activate the Ohm Tuning Fork
  • Methods for understanding Sound Healing basics , for example, how vibration can open the body's energetic pathways to increase vitality and energy
  • Four easy Self-Treatment applications, plus additional recommendations for relief of headache, sinus and chest congestion, cramping muscles, repetitive stress injuries and more!

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Introductory Set Instructions


Clear Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls are made from over 99.9 percent pure quartz crystal, a naturally occurring element. Bowls are carefully selected to harmonize with Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks. Crystal bowls are powerful tools and can produce a big sound that can easily fill a room, especially when rimming the bowl with the suede mallet.

We recommend activating your bowl with a wool yarn Mallet Activator ™ for a rich harmonic tone, resplendent with healing overtones.

In general, the larger diameter bowls will have a lower fundamental tone. The advantage to the smaller diameter bowls is their portability in a treatment setting, and in our experience, even the smaller crystal bowls produce an abundance of sound for most applications. Practitioners will find that sounding a bowl is a lovely way to begin and end a treatment, and to lift and disperse stagnant energy. Enjoy a resonant and a healing wash of sound with bowls tuned to the ancient and healing vibration of Ohm.

Clear Quartz Bowl, O-ring & Suede Mallet
Diameter Cost  
7" dia $315

8" dia



The Luna Tuning Forks are considered a more advanced application. Their use builds upon an understanding of the therapeutic application of Ohm and its octaves.

Recommended for use with Mid and Low Ohm Tuning Forks.

Package includes Mid Luna Tuning Fork (210.42 hz), Low Luna Tuning Fork (105.21 hz), Instructions for Use.

It is widely accepted the moon rules the water element. Our bodies are primarily water and naturally responsive to lunar influences. Because of this relationship, the Mid and Low Luna 5th are excellent choices for treating conditions of fluid retention, sinus and lung congestion, arthritis and chronic joint pain.

The application of the Luna Tuning Forks, particularly when combined with Ohm to create the Planetary 5th, helps to gently disperse as well as gently build fluids. This process is more deeply facilitated throughout the meridian system by the opening and generative capabilities of the 5th.

The sound wave created by the Luna Tuning Forks makes a more specific energetic opening possible. Luna gently penetrates to further open, thus dispersing obstruction and stasis, freeing the Qi and activating the body's central energetic pathways.

Note: Ohm Tuning Forks sold separately.


Introducing the Osteo Ohm Tuning Fork

Recent research indicates that low sound frequencies between 25-150 hz (and particularly between 25-50 hz) enhance bone density and are instrumental in healing muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments - and are effective in relieving pain. Use the Osteo Ohm by itself, or in combination with the Low Ohm Tuning Fork to create a Low Ohm Octave. The Osteo Ohm Tuning Fork can be activated on a table top or practitioner activator. However, because of its length, we recommend using a mallet to strike the weighted end (as shown) to activate. Activating the Osteo Ohm with a mallet provides a strong and clear sustain. To learn more about the Osteo Ohm Tuning Fork, click here.

Low Ohm Tuning Fork: $59.95


Low Ohm Octave

Activating the Low Ohm Tuning Fork in combination with the Osteo Ohm Tuning Fork creates a Low Ohm Octave. The Low Ohm Octave combines the therapeutic attributes of the lower frequencies along with the cathartic movement created by the musical interval of an octave. The Low Ohm Octave is particularly helpful with joint and bone pain. Many have reported feeling relief from knee pain with the lower Ohm frequencies.

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