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Vibrational Healing Music

Reviewed by The Whole Music Experience
When it comes to psycho-acoustics and sound healing integrity, healer-musician-composer Marjorie de Muynck is at the top of the list. Her recording, In the Key of Earth (Sounds True), proved time again, to lift vibrations from my home environment. And de Muynck does so by recording only acoustic instruments, including overtones from those instruments. Her latest recording, Vibrational Healing Music represents another pioneering effort. The recording offers a fabulous marriage between nature spirits (not just the sound of waves and birds chirping), and acoustic instruments. But de Muynck takes this musical venture even further by setting moods that she experienced as a child in the Midwest and Oklahoma.

We can be thankful then, that de Muynck’s Native American grandparents did not own a television set and they would sit on the porch with their granddaughter in the evening listening to the music of the natural world. The composer captures this natural world of childhood past, by including bees, cicadas, bats, a hummingbird and a crow, along with the lonely prairie sound of a harmonica, pedal steel guitar and a dobro. Her other inspiration, also a lofty one, comes from Dvorak’s New World Symphony. De Muynck even includes a quote from that symphony. Review continued

Reviewed by The New Age Retailer Playlist by Bill Binkleman
Nothing is worse as a review than to be faced with a remarkable recording that is impossible to describe in words without writing volumes.... Review continued

In the Key of Earth

A unique and welcome addition to personal and community libraries.

Reviewed by The Watkins Review Staff Recommendation
This is a truly unique recording, an odyssey in sound to align with the rhythms of the earth. It reminds us all that we are on a pulsing, living planet, teemng with the mysteries and wonder of life in all its manifest glory. - Stephen Gawtry, Catalog Editor, Earth Mysteries, Ancient Britain & Mythology

Reviewed by Midwest Book Review
"In The Key Of Earth" is a musical celebration of the planet as a living organism, including its pulse, breath, rhythms, and cycles. a master musician and student of oriental medicine and the healing arts, Marjorie de Muynck bends and reinvents the boundaries of sound and music through the use of harmonics created with acoustic instruments. The overtones and harmonics are a kind of vibratory expressionist abstraction that is at once captivating, symphonic, and inspiring. With a total running time of 60:01, there are four pieces comprising this memorable CD: Pulse (16:24); Light (11:15); Ancient Aquifer (7:22); and Breath (24:57). Flawlessly recorded, "In The Key Of Earth" is a unique and welcome addition to personal and community libraries, and is especially recommended for those who appreciate the metaphysical concept of 'sound healing frequency'.

Reviewed by DailyOM
A recognized teacher of holistic medicine as well as music, Marjorie de Muynck is a leader in the field of sound-frequency healing work, using the frequencies of the "om" sound in music and meditation. A mantra-chant that incorporates all the vowel sounds in the human lexicon, and mirrors in its elliptical nature the orbiting of the earth through space, "om" has the power to keep our bodies rooted to Mother Earth, and our souls rooted to the spiritual mysteries at the core of our existence. In the Key of Earth represents an accumulated 25 years of research into these areas... REVIEW CONTINUED

Reviewed by Nexus Magazine
Marjorie de Muynck has been a student of Eastern medicine for over 25 years. She is a pioneer of music composed in the key of Ohm (Om), and in 1996 she co-developed the Acutonics system. Here, she uses acoustic instruments, creating harmonies, overtones and harmonics based around the fundamental of Ohm. She captures the breath and rhythms of the planet and grounds the listener through Earth resonance. The effect is a deeply symphonic healing sound. A unique and earthy album.

Reviewed by The Whole Music Experience
The mission of Whole Music Experience is to build and foster a community of musicians, sound healing professionals and others interested in the healing powers of music. Interview with Marjorie and review of her CD In the Key of Earth.

Reviewed by MyShelf.com
The earth is a magical place where beauty and tranquility can be found. Marjorie de Muynck’s In the Key of Earth is a celebration of the simple sounds that can provide us with the ultimate in joy and relaxation.

In the Key of the Earth is made up of four tracks, each offering its own special blend of healing magic. The first is entitled Pulse; you can almost feel yourself being swept away by the peaceful undercurrent that fills your body. The next offering is called Light. Like a beacon, it illuminates a place within where you will find yourself; it is the ultimate form of self discovery. The third is my all-time favorite of the four. Called Ancient Aquifer, it will make you feel like you are being projected deep underwater. You find that it is just you against the swift current as it plunges you deeper and deeper into the unknown. The last track is called Breath and it is what keeps each of us alive. The tempo is such that you can allow your own breath to follow the haunting tune and feel your mind and body slow down.

Each one of these sultry tunes is sure to enrich your life. I was amazed at how quickly time seemed to pass as I got caught up in listening to all this audio had to offer. This is the type of music which will lull your body into a deep state of total relaxation. Very highly recommended.

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There's No Place Like Ohm

The best in meditation and relaxation music!

Reviewed by Ann Mittelstaedt (Western Washington State, USA)
This CD was a gift to me on my graduation from massage school, from a friend who is an acupuncturist. I regularly use it in my practice (as does my friend), and have found absolutely no other music that produces the profound relaxation effect that this does.

There is a deep, subtle drone throughout the CD, which I understand to be the vibratory sound of the planet Earth. Each track includes a different theme of Life on this planet. Together, the effect is hypnotic, haunting, uplifting, relaxing, spiritual, expanding, and meditative. It is also simply beautiful music.

Clients who have heard this for the first time during a massage will often dreamily comment afterward, "Wow! What WAS that?!" I often find myself "zoning in" to the music, and have given my best massages while this CD was playing.

I also listened to this recently while having dental work done, and by the time I left, the dentist wanted copies for the office, and for use during airline flights.

There's really no way to describe it adequately, and it's a shame there are no sound clips here to give an idea of what it sounds like. My only disappointment is that it is less than an hour long; I find myself wanting more.

Not recommended for use while driving. Strongly recomended for use in meditation, or for relaxation!

Getting "in tune" with Mother Earth
Reviewed by Donna J. Caulton "classical homeopath"
Listening to this CD is a comprehensive living experience. If you are quiet with it, and give it your attention, it will remind you of who you are and where you came from. The sounds and rhythmic patterning seem to come from within your own being and at the same from within the earth itself, the sea itself, the vibratory life of the planet. It effects you on the deepest level. The creator of this music is obviously a gifted musician and has a deep relationship with the world we live in, below and beyond the frenzy of day to day. She has gifted us with a clear reminder of what "makes us tick" in our innermost heartscapes.

wonderful music for meditation and relaxation
Reviewed by Wendy Mintiero "Acupuncturist"
I love this CD and my clients do too! It's great music for bodywork, meditation and relaxation. Highly recommended.

"There's No Place Like Ohm" by Analemma The continuous drone on this CD is tuned to the elliptical orbit of the Earth as it travels around the Sun through four seasons. This is beautiful and compelling.
- The Ark Metaphysical Bookstore, Santa Fe, NM
#1 Bestseller for 3 Consecutive Months

There's No Place Like Ohm Vol. 2

Tone poetry that soothes the soul

Reviewed by Steven W. Bracy
This, and it's companion CD, "There's No Place Like Om (Vol 1)", are the only CD's I listen to on a daily basis. Remeniscent to me of such landmark work as "Paul Horn: Inside the TajMahal" and "Wendy Carlos: Sonic Seasonings", "There's No Place Like Om" is a timeless work of musical skill and insight.

The intermingling of musical instruments and nature sounds somehow taps into our body's own internal vibrations, and allows for a soothing relaxation, while taking the mind on a gentle journey. It is my musical choice at night when my mind is racing with the internal chatter of the day. This music, this tone poetry, is like a sonic tonic to quiet the mind and soothe the soul.

Relaxing and Invigorating
Reviewed by S. Williams "Music Lover"
I have been meaning to review this c.d. for a couple of weeks since I first got it. A friend recommended this c.d. to me so I purchased it and I definitely am SUPER glad that I did.

I put this c.d. on and INSTANTLY I felt more centered, relaxed and peaceful. I actually had the volume up quite loudly and I could feel the vibrations and the "center" of the music. It was like I was floating. It instantly relaxed me.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for something that is relaxing who doesn't like "frog" sounds or "thunder" storms. This is truly inspired by science and works. It will truly re-center you and give you "new life."

I rate 5 stars out of 5!

I can't wait to buy the tuning forks to go with this! :)

There's No Place Like Ohm
Reviewed by Diane E. Crowne
Ohm is a sacred syllable or mantra explained in the Upanishads as standing for the whole earth and all its past, present and future. It is from this primal vibration that all manifestation issues forth. It can be heard as the sound of one's own nervous system. Ohm is inwardly transformed into light which draws one to the God Consciousness. You will learn to recognize it as an encounter with the Divine that lives within all creatures, within you; within all existance. Is there any wonder when I play this volume written in the the key of Ohm in my clinic, my clients fall into a deep relaxation of both mind and body? They find a place within themselves where genuine healing occurs. Treat yourself to this journey into sound healing. Buy it! You'll like it! Diane Crowne, L.Ac.

"There's No Place Like Ohm, Vol. 2" by Analemma This is Analemma's second composition, a celebration of nature in the healing key of Ohm, described as a spiritual symphony.
The hypnotic Ohm drone provides an irresistible, soothing vibration throughout this marvelous CD. Resonate with these tones of the earth and tension dissolves into spaciousness and peace.

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