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Note: The sound quality will depend on your speaker system. Laptop speakers are typically not designed to provide the best sound. If possible, listen on external speakers, and keep in mind these samples are only a representation. The actual experience is vibrational in nature, and the live experience of these acoustic instruments is the optimal way to listen, through the body's hearing apparatus!

It is very challenging to translate the pure beautiful tone of a tuning fork into a sound byte. One reason for this is that a tuning fork is a vibratory tool, as well as a sound healing tool. At least half the experience is dependent on holding, activating and applying the tuning fork to the body! Sound Healing with tuning forks is Vibrational Medicine.

Our system is based on the healing properties of the Ohm tone, as experienced through Music + Ohm Tuning Forks. Listening to music composed in the key of Ohm while activating and applying the Ohm Tuning Forks is a uniquely powerful experience. It demonstrates the concepts of sympathetic resonance and harmony in a lovely way.

We intentionally include the sound or "activation" of the tuning forks as they come into contact with an activator, as this marks the beginning of the vibratory experience. In addition, these sound bytes demonstrate the actual length of the auditory sound vibration, including the "decay" at the end. This softening end decay is a vital part of the experience, leading into a quiet or stillness. In this stillness, a "musical rest" occurs, where the body, in its natural intelligence, is able to assimilate Ohm and all its beautiful overtones, and utilize these healing properties on a vibratory level.

Mid-Ohm Tuning Forks (Ohm Unison)
This beautiful mid range tone of Ohm is soothing and balancing. Ohm represents the cyclical tone of the Earth as it travels around the sun through four seasons. Two Mid Ohm Tuning Forks create a sympathetic resonance and are recommended for working symmetrically and distally on the body, and for doubling the healing resonance when needed. Two Mid Ohms are ideal to explore the healing effects of vibrational music.

Ohm Octave Tuning Forks
The Ohm Octave is a potent and satisfying musical interval created by the combination of the Mid and Low Ohm Tuning Fork. The Low-Ohm Tuning Fork has a deep and earthy reverberating quality with lovely overtones when activated. When sounded with the Mid Ohm Tuning Fork, the resultant spectrum of tones creates vibrational medicine by clearing blockages and moving chi (energy). This relieves pain and relaxes the musculature in your body. Most pain and discomfort is the result of stagnant energy.

NOTE: The Low Ohm tuning fork is 68.05 hz, and frequencies below 100 hz are difficult to hear through stereo speakers unless you have a sub-woofer.

High Ohm Octave Set
The lovely sound waves created by the High Ohm Octave Tuning Forks are comforting and therapeutic and can help restore balance to the energetic field around your body, thereby benefiting your physical body. The use of the High Ohm Tuning Forks at the end of a treatment synergistically elevates the spirit, mind and body.

Sonic Ohm Tuning Fork
This high frequency Ohm Tuning Fork is an excellent sound tool for clearing and balancing the energetic fields or chakras of your body, and for clearing Crystals. It cuts through hard to remove unwanted energy. The Sonic Ohm has a crystalline clarity and combines beautifully with all of the Ohm Tuning Forks. This higher expression of the Earth tone of Ohm intrinsically balances our overall energy.