Marjorie de Muynck, Creator of Ohm Therapeutics™

Ohm Tuning Forks are effective because their vibration activates the natural current or Qi flowing through the body. This current is also known as prana, Ki, bio-energy or life-force. In addition to its ability to activate Qi, a beautiful feature of this system is its sustainability: Ohm Tuning Forks are not dependent upon electricity for use; they will not wear out and need replacing; they do not need to be disposed of after single use; and they provide ease for many therapists in allowing them to access this vital energy in their healing practices.

In our efforts to act as environmentally sound as possible, we have chosen not to color our tuning forks to reduce ecological impact. Both anodizing and painting, which require an additional degreasing process, are toxic to the environment.

At the center of the Ohm Therapeutics system are Music + Tuning Forks in the same healing frequency of Ohm. Sound can be an effective complement to many healing modalities, and combines extremely well with Acupuncture and Acupressure, a wide variety of Massage Therapy techniques, Cranial-Sacral and Polarity Therapies, and also, energy work such as Reiki and EFT. We often hear about professional and home use from those who are incorporating these tools into their Yoga and Ayurvedic healing practices, Art Therapies and Counseling, and as an aid for Meditation.

Underlying this system is a belief in the fundamental healing intelligence of the body, and all living things. We have chosen Ohm as our fundamental tone because of its relationship to the Earth, its longevity and ancient use, and because people respond so positively to it. Ohm Therapeutics features the Earth tone of Ohm and its octaves, and provides specific therapeutic applications for use of this universally recognized and sacred sound healing frequency.

What's New?

Why Ohm?

Ohm is universally considered sacred and healing; it is clinically shown to be a safe and therapeutic sound frequency. Resonating with this beautiful Earth tone is grounding, centering and energizing.

Why Tuning Forks?

Disharmony can manifest in the body as stress, tight and sore muscles and fatigue, creating blockages to our chi or natural energy flow. The sound wave created the Ohm Tuning Forks works like kinetic energy to move disharmony and tension from your body, while restoring a sense of well-being. Use Ohm Tuning Forks on tight muscles, joints, tendons, bones and tissue, and on reflex, trigger and acupuncture points.


Manual and DVD feature illustrated instructions and video tutorials of 20 treatment protocols, including basic tuning fork technique, pace of application, body mechanics and application methods for both the physical and energetic body. Manual is 112 pages and DVD is 26 min.


The foundation tools to begin working with the Ohm Therapeutics system are 2 Mid Ohm Tuning Forks, Practitioner Activator, and the Book + DVD. An alternative choice would be to purchase the Ohm Octave Set, which includes a table top Activator. The Sound Healing CDs are highly recommended. The music harmonizes with the sound vibration of the Ohm Tuning Forks, enhancing their effectiveness during a treatment.


The ultimate Introductory Sound Healing Set is designed for ease of use, understanding and enjoyment, and to provide you with the basic tools needed to experience Sound Healing through listening and application of applied vibration. This set now includes an Activator and expanded instruction accessible for the layperson as well as professionals. Great fun for the entire family, children, animals and adults will all benefit from the educational and interactive qualities of this set. An alternative introductory package is the Mid Ohm Kit!


For the subtle body and for working in the energetic field around a person or in a space, explore the High Ohm Octave Set or the Sonic Ohm Kit. These tools, like the bowls, are popular choices for home use as well and are highly recommended for professionals seeking to explore the benefit if sound layering techniques in their practice.