At age 2, Marjorie begins to investigate ways to make sound. Pots and pans are used for her orchestrations and the overtones from the refrigerator fan provides hours of entertainment and scientific investigation.

Marjorie's Native American grandfather Haskell invites her to listen carefully to the sound of the granddaddy bullfrog at the Grand Lake of the Cherokees. The cacophony of frogs, crickets, insects and birds is "music" to her young ears.

Jazz musician father gives 11 year old Marjorie a tuning fork to tune her guitar. She promptly begins putting the tuning fork near her ears and on her body. She loves feeling the sound vibration of the tuning fork, and thus the journey begins.

Watching the TV series Bewitched, she becomes ecstatic as Dr. Bombay treats Samantha’s malady with a tuning fork! A sign of what is to come...

Enters music school in Arizona and horrifies professors by composing outside of the Classical Music box!

Graduates with a BS in General Science and a minor in Music Education.

While playing in a band, the piano player uses a tuning fork to help Marjorie with a migraine headache. This re-sparks her interest in tuning forks and the possibility of their therapeutic use.

Marjorie begins her studies in the healing arts: Massage Therapy, Yoga, Hydrotherapy, Shiatsu, Guided Imagery and Meditation.

Marjorie, along with David Minzell and Tom Johnston, develop one of the first Onsite Massage businesses in the US. Their Onsite Shiatsu, Oriental Medicine & Massage business caters to Metro bus drivers for the city of Seattle, eventually offering treatment to all Metro city and county employees. Marjorie introduces Sound Healing in treatments, owns and manages the business until 1999.

Studies under the tutelage of Dr. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, leading authority on death and dying, who encourages Marjorie to pursue her music while exploring the healing arts.

Graduates from the Seattle Shiatsu Institute, with additional studies in Jin Shin Do.

Works with Seattle based In Touch for three years as a volunteer Bodyworker, Reiki practitioner, and Shiatsu therapist, helping people with Aids in their final stage of illness.

Forms the Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet, and tours the US and Europe into the mid-nineties.

Receives a grant as a member of the the BTMSQ from the Austrian government to work with autistic children through music.


Writes the musical score for "Crocodile Tears," a movie about one man’s journey with AIDS. Body Worker and Instructor by day, Musician by night, Marjorie finds the time and enthusiasm to start developing a Tuning Fork Sound Healing System while teaching Shiatsu, Kundalini Yoga and Hara Diagnosis at the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NIAOM) in Seattle, Washington. In addition, Marjorie begins studying with Huichol Shaman Brant Secunda. She resonates with the drumming, rattling and chanting healing practices of the Huichol Indians.

Marjorie and the Clinical Dean at NIAOM, Donna Carey, begin implementing the Acutonics® Sound Healing system at the school and in 13 satellite public clinics, in response to client needle sensitivity. Hundreds of clients report healing benefits and provide research data. The non-invasive and musically based treatment system using the tuning forks is an immediate and overwhelming success.

Marjorie and Donna begin teaching Acutonics® classes to acupuncturists at NIAOM, and co-found the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing.

The two founders begin writing one of the first comprehensive textbook on subjects of the therapeutic application of tuning forks and other sound instruments, "There’s No Place Like Ohm: Sound Healing, Oriental Medicine and the Cosmic Mysteries," published by Devachan Press.

Marjorie is diagnosed with breast cancer and successfully incorporates sound into her healing journey, along with a range of other alternative medicine modalities.

Marjorie envisions a piece of music in the healing key of Ohm with sounds from the natural world and forms the ambient musical collective Analemma. As a Sound Healing instructor, students had asked Marjorie to create a CD they could play during treatments that would harmonize with the Ohm based tuning forks. The resulting CD “There’s No Place Like Ohm,” by Analemma, published by Lemniscate Music, is an innovative and pioneering composition in the musical key of Ohm.

Lemniscate Music releases Volume 2 of "There’s No Place Like Ohm," and Marjorie develops the Ohm Resonator. In addition, provided with Marjorie’s expertise in the field of Sound Healing, Lemniscate Music also offers Ohm Tuning Forks, and a Tuning Fork Primer Instructional Chart to both the general public and a diverse array of health care practitioners.

Marjorie completes her Masters degree in Music Education from Boston University. Sounds True publishes the CD, "In the Key of Earth." Marjorie along with Inlakesh present at the 2007 International Sound Healing Conference on the healing and meditative power of the didgeridoo.

Sounds True commissions Marjorie to compose a new CD in her signature tuning of Ohm, "Vibrational Healing Music" (Sounds True, New Release Spring 2009). Lemniscate Music introduces the Osteo Ohm Tuning Fork and publishes Marjorie's long anticipated practical application manual with DVD, "Sound Healing, Vibrational Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks." Marjorie continues her studies at the Southwest Acupuncture College.