Our quality standards are very high, and we work with the premier tuning fork manufacturer in the US. Our forks are made with a space & medical grade aluminum alloy and are precision tuned to within 0.5% of their indicated frequency. We have chosen not to color our forks to reduce environmental impact. Both anodizing and painting (which requires an additional degreasing process) are toxic to the environment.

Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks are now stamped with ohm therapeutics and the OM symbol. In addition, we have the bottom of the stem of our tuning forks sanded smooth to ensure maximum comfort when the tuning forks are applied to the body.

We offer six Ohm Tuning Forks (five octaves of Ohm) in the following range: The Mid-Ohm is the classic Ohm frequency, and is 136.1 hz. The Low-Ohm is a lower octave, it measures 68.05 hz, and the Osteo Ohm measures 34 hz. The High Ohm Tuning Forks are higher octaves of Ohm, respectively 272.2 hz and 544.4 hz. The highest frequency we offer is the Sonic Ohm Tuning Fork at 1088.8 hz. The hertz measurement, otherwise known as cycles per second, is the numerical representation of the vibrational tone of Ohm.

Luna Tuning Forks and the Planetary 5th™

The Luna Tuning Forks and the Planetary 5th are considered a more advanced application. Their use builds upon an understanding of the therapeutic application of Ohm and its octaves.

The frequency of the Mid Luna Tuning Fork is 210.42 hz and is the measured frequency of the synodic phase of the moon (new moon); the Low Luna is one octave lower at 105.21 hz. Combine Luna with Ohm to create the Planetary 5th.

The Planetary 5th refers to both the Luna 5th (Mid Ohm + Mid Luna) and the Low Luna 5th (Low Ohm + Low Luna).




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