SOUND UNIVERSE, LLC is committed to providing clear, succinct and practical information about the healing power of sound. Our work is based on the clinical experience and research of Marjorie de Muynck, a pioneering innovator in the field of Sound Healing. Ohm Therapeutics is the name of our Sound Healing System, and There's No Place Like Ohm® a company trademark, as well as the title of Marjorie de Muynck's musical works in the key of Ohm.

OHM THERAPEUTICS is a basic yet comprehensive sound healing system featuring the universally recognized vibrational frequency of Ohm and its overtones. Based in science and spiritually upheld, Ohm is an ancient and sacred tone and mantra celebrated by cultures throughout the world for it healing properties. To resonate with Ohm is to unite with the life-supporting energy of the Earth, which positively affects our biological rhythms and circadian clock. Through sympathetic resonance, we begin to sync and entrain with natural cycles. Aligning with these earth rhythms enables us to find balance.

The addition of the Luna Tuning Forks is a natural extension for the Ohm Therapeutics Sound Healing system. The moon rules the water element, thus affecting the ebb and flow of the earth's tides, as well as constitutional fluids of the body. The Planetary 5th introduces the second most prevalent interval after the octave, and provides unique opportunities for the healing arts practitioner. Like Ohm, Luna works with the innate intelligence of the body, dispelling excess and nourishing deficiencies, to bring balance and homeostasis.

The application of sound vibration to the physical and subtle body opens the energetic pathways where the Qi or natural life force flows. As a result, energy blocks are removed - increasing the flow of Qi - facilitating homeostasis through which profound healing begins. Ohm Therapeutics features Music plus Tuning Forks tuned to this sacred healing frequency.



1. A belief in the body's natural healing intelligence.

2. A knowledge that we are made of vibration.

3. A belief that applied vibration with Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks helps to remove blockages in the body's energetic pathways.

4. An understanding that an individual's bio rhythms and cycles are intimately connected to those of the Earth (and moon).

5. A belief that sympathetic resonance with the Earth helps to restore balance, establishes homeostasis, and promotes healing.


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